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There is so much going on at this conference, and it’s a challenge to keep up my energy, but I’m loving it! I’ve seen some friends (what fun to meet you, Berke Hitay, in person finally!), heard great music, and eaten far too much. I definitely need to walk more, but there is so much to listen to, so I’m attempting to not worry about my lack of exercise for now.

I left my oboe at the Marigaux table today, to have it looked at … it’s like leaving a baby, all the while knowing it is in excellent hands. Thank you, Renaud Patalowski, for encouraging me to bring it! (And yes, I will forever be a Marigaux Girl!)

I also saw Jason Onks, and we had our picture taken together. I really want to get that and more posted, but for now I’ll post things that are easier to access, and I hope to get more up tomorrow. I need to get some rest.

Added quick note: I also ran into Robin Tropper, and he has a handy dandy “thumb thing” (have you named it, Robin?) which I think could save a whole lot of oboists a whole lot of trouble!






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… until you’ve heard a double reed band of over thirty fine musicians playing! Honestly, I’m grinning ear to ear at the moment! They are playing a new Ewazen work. I SO wish I could let you hear them, but being a law-abiding girl means I can’t. Rats! Just imaging the huge sound, though: we have oboes down to the lowest of bassoons! Or close to it. If you know Ewazen’s music you can maybe imagine it a bit. This is wonderful and makes my heart happy!

Double Reed Band

And Ewazen is in the house! Cool! It appears, in fact, that all the composers are here. More to make my heart happy. Or maybe not quite all … I’m not seeing Alex Shapiro here, so maybe I misunderstood. The first two were here, though. And, as it turns out, all but Ms. Shapiro took their bows … and all but Mr. Ewazen conducted.

Composers: Eric Ewazen, Bill Douglas, Alex Shapiro, Christopher Weait and Daniel Baldwin

… and may I just say that if you think cowboy film music played by a double reed band you’d be thinking correctly for several of these works. 😉

Bravi tutti to the group!

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I have just arrived at NYU this morning — I’m moving too slowly and getting lost too easily! Still, I’m finally here and about to hear a recital involving oboe, bassoon and piano … here goes…

What a delightful recital and what fine players! More later … blogging isn’t easy when in the hall, and of course is also distracting so I wait until we are between works or, as in this case, until after. This program is one I’ll want to write more about so readers can investigate the works. Three of the works (quite new) were for the trio and all were wonderful: I think they would be great fun to put together and play. They certainly weren’t easy, though!

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The only WW instrument I’ve ever really wanted to learn is English Horn. But I’d have to learn Clarinet and Oboe first.