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… until you’ve heard a double reed band of over thirty fine musicians playing! Honestly, I’m grinning ear to ear at the moment! They are playing a new Ewazen work. I SO wish I could let you hear them, but being a law-abiding girl means I can’t. Rats! Just imaging the huge sound, though: we have oboes down to the lowest of bassoons! Or close to it. If you know Ewazen’s music you can maybe imagine it a bit. This is wonderful and makes my heart happy!

Double Reed Band

And Ewazen is in the house! Cool! It appears, in fact, that all the composers are here. More to make my heart happy. Or maybe not quite all … I’m not seeing Alex Shapiro here, so maybe I misunderstood. The first two were here, though. And, as it turns out, all but Ms. Shapiro took their bows … and all but Mr. Ewazen conducted.

Composers: Eric Ewazen, Bill Douglas, Alex Shapiro, Christopher Weait and Daniel Baldwin

… and may I just say that if you think cowboy film music played by a double reed band you’d be thinking correctly for several of these works. 😉

Bravi tutti to the group!

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