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What a fun but exhausting time at IDRS 2014. I think I have music leaking out of my ears now. I’m very grateful to have had Marigaux (I’m sorry I didn’t get the technician’s name in my head so I can’t note him here) work on my “baby” (yes, I do love my old but wonderful Marigaux oboe!). Renaud Patalowski, you are the best for encouraging me to bring it this year and insisting I leave it. It plays wonderfully!

Tomorrow I’ll try to drop by the vendors to say goodbye to a few people, and perhaps I’ll manage to attend a recital, but the latter is still a question mark. This is very taxing on me, being the introvert and all.

This evening we went to hear Threeds at Joe’s Pub, and the Breaking Winds opened for them. Both groups were just a blast to hear.

Photos you see below are all just iPhone photos. Quality isn’t great, but it at least is something.

Breaking Winds:
Breaking Winds, 8.8.14

Threeds, 8.8.14

Threeds 2, 8.8.14

From there we raced back to Washington Square Park so I could hear more music, and see Constantine Kitsopoulos conduct. Constantine conducted La Bohème many years ago up in San Francisco and I have the best memories of that time: he is one of the most wonderful conductors I’ve worked for. I just wish I could do more with him, but he’s on this coast and I’m on the other and … oh well. I guess it’s not meant to be. I arrived in time to hear Keve Wilson play. She sounded lovely!

Keve & Constantine, 2, 8.8.14

Now I’m beat. Sleep is definitely necessary.

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I played the oboe in elementary school and got migraines every day and it’s why I had to stop in high school.