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My students are back to school, and I go back to performance work this week. And when I write work, I really mean play … but really work. You know what I mean, right?

This week it hits and it hits hard! Last week students returned — nearly all came to lessons, so that was great and I love having them back in the studio. This coming week it’s about my performance life: I have (ready?) three rehearsals for Wicked, along with eight performances of the same and one rehearsal for Rigoletto. That’s a whopping twelve services! The norm is never that high, but so it goes: the two jobs overlap, so I’m doing all of Wicked and then doing what I can with Opera San José‘s Rigoletto. This is the life of a musician, really: we sometimes have to work between several jobs.

I know I’ll make it through, but it IS a killer week. (Did I mention I also have six of my fourteen students to teach? Sadly the rest can’t come due to my schedule.) I’ve decided to look at my calendar one day at a time!

I’m obviously going to have to put a hold on my walks after Monday. Monday is my day off. I’m so glad I rearranged students so that I at least can guarantee that one day of “nothingness”, as I know I’ll need it.

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I haven’t had the time to read this carefully, but I don’t see that they talked to any double reed players. I think they need to. Talk about reeds and you are talking about major stress!


Speaking of health and well being, there are times when it’s really best NOT to look at my full calendar. Next week is one of those times. Between Tuesday and Sunday I have three Wicked (as in the musical) rehearsals, eight performances, and one Rigoletto rehearsal, along with six of my fourteen students to teach (sadly I had to cancel many due to the rehearsal and performance schedule). “One day at a time.” That’s the plan.

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… I think! 😉

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I love Bach’s writing for oboe and voice. I’m hugely passionate about his choral music. Mozart I could [maybe] live without!

YES on the first. Huge huge NOOOOO on the second. I was just thinking the other day about how incredible Mozart’s music is, and how I can’t relate to anyone who thinks otherwise.