23. August 2014 · Comments Off on And So It Begins · Categories: Ramble

My students are back to school, and I go back to performance work this week. And when I write work, I really mean play … but really work. You know what I mean, right?

This week it hits and it hits hard! Last week students returned — nearly all came to lessons, so that was great and I love having them back in the studio. This coming week it’s about my performance life: I have (ready?) three rehearsals for Wicked, along with eight performances of the same and one rehearsal for Rigoletto. That’s a whopping twelve services! The norm is never that high, but so it goes: the two jobs overlap, so I’m doing all of Wicked and then doing what I can with Opera San José‘s Rigoletto. This is the life of a musician, really: we sometimes have to work between several jobs.

I know I’ll make it through, but it IS a killer week. (Did I mention I also have six of my fourteen students to teach? Sadly the rest can’t come due to my schedule.) I’ve decided to look at my calendar one day at a time!

I’m obviously going to have to put a hold on my walks after Monday. Monday is my day off. I’m so glad I rearranged students so that I at least can guarantee that one day of “nothingness”, as I know I’ll need it.

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