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Which instrument sounds like a oboe?

… and the answer is:

oboe sounds like the oboe, the clarinet sounds somewhat like it, but its not the same.

But wait, there’s more! (Typos and all, because I’m just too darn lazy ….)

play the oboe and to me it sounds like a snake charmer’s insturment. but to others it sounds like a dying bird.
It depends on the make and brand of the oboe. It can also depend on the reed you use and the wood it is made out of. However, it generally sounds like ,some people say, a duck, but it can also be sweet or mysterious. It is the instrument that tunes the whole band.
The oboe can be mellow in some music pieces such as romantic music
hm… very hard todescribe In Peter and the Wolf (by Sergei Prokofiev) The oboe represents a duck. The oboe is also used for many sad or romantic songs, like in the song across the stars for Star Wars Episode two: Attack of the Clonesby the composer John Williams.

Addicts Symphony: drink and drugs ‘widespread in classical world’, says cellist


I’m certain that there is substance abuse in the music world, but I’m pretty certain there is substance abuse in nearly every profession. I’m not certain it’s as widespread as some might say, but maybe I’m just naive.

I do understand the need to address the issue, especially reading that the film is the “brainchild of James McConnel, a composer who fought his own battle with alcoholism. His son, Freddy, a friend of Peaches Geldof, died from a heroin overdose aged 18.” So there’s that. He wants to bring this to the attention of others and that’s understandable and, I’m sure, important.

I’ve known musicians who have come to work after drinking too much. I had heard of someone who, during breaks of a musical I was playing in (many years ago), went to the rooftop to smoke marijuana. As far as I know I’ve not had any friends who were addicted to drugs. Perhaps I’m just clueless. I wonder.

I am not opposed to alcohol, but I have a policy of not drinking if I have work. It’s just a bad idea. I like to be in control and I don’t think having alcohol in my system would make me feel that way. In addition, I don’t want to start thinking the alcohol is relaxing me or making me play better. It’s just not a good idea to go there.

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According to the UCSC faculty page I am the oboe instructor. I have not been the instructor since spring of last year. I have asked them to take my name down, but they haven’t done so yet, quite possibly because they haven’t hired or even advertised my position. If you are planning on attending UCSC and want oboe lessons please contact the music office. Thank you!

Email: music@ucsc.edu
Phone: (831) 459-2292
Fax: (831) 459-5584

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Duo No.IV by W.F. Bach

I always love finding videos that include people I know! Enjoy!

Oboe: Adrienne Malley
Flute: Tomiko Tsai

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Attention Honors Hall residents: we do not have an ailing goose in 562, my roommate is an oboe major.

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Art Cruz in Santa Rosa, Calif., writes:

Do you enjoy classical music?

Marilyn responds:

I love it! But it’s too bad that nothing great has been composed (at least not that I’ve heard, and I’ve heard plenty) in many decades. I suppose all the musical talent is in Hollywood working in films or in New York producing scores for those delightful Broadway musicals, where they can make a good living. Understandable, yes, but still too bad for those of us who love the reveries that the complexity of fine classical music can inspire.

I read it here

And who is Marilyn, you ask? Well here … this is what Wikipedia has to say about this person:

Marilyn vos Savant is an American magazine columnist, author, lecturer, and playwright who rose to fame through her former listing in the Guinness Book of World Records under “Highest IQ.”

Personal Thought: the highest IQ does not mean she has the highest IQ when it comes to her ears.

That is all.

Side note: Dan has a “Morning Musings” post. He suggests I have a “Morning Morons” post. 😉

So I lied. That wasn’t all. Until now.