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Which instrument sounds like a oboe?

… and the answer is:

oboe sounds like the oboe, the clarinet sounds somewhat like it, but its not the same.

But wait, there’s more! (Typos and all, because I’m just too darn lazy ….)

play the oboe and to me it sounds like a snake charmer’s insturment. but to others it sounds like a dying bird.
It depends on the make and brand of the oboe. It can also depend on the reed you use and the wood it is made out of. However, it generally sounds like ,some people say, a duck, but it can also be sweet or mysterious. It is the instrument that tunes the whole band.
The oboe can be mellow in some music pieces such as romantic music
hm… very hard todescribe In Peter and the Wolf (by Sergei Prokofiev) The oboe represents a duck. The oboe is also used for many sad or romantic songs, like in the song across the stars for Star Wars Episode two: Attack of the Clonesby the composer John Williams.

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