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Should my chin bunch in or point out when i play oboe?

I like a flat chin, myself. “Bunchy chin” or, as one book described it, “Cabbage patch doll”, doesn’t work for me.

That being said, I’ve seen plenty of bunchy chins and hear wonderful playing by those musicians.

Your thoughts?

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I’ve had several parents ask me if their children are practicing enough.

That’s an interesting question!

Some students tell me they are practicing 45 minutes to an hour every day. Others confess to not practicing that much. I even had one student (off to college now) who, whether she told me so or not, clearly wasn’t practicing her lesson music much at all most of the time. She was a good sight reader, and she squeaked by.

But “practicing enough” is not the correct question.

Instead, parents — and students too! — should be asking, “Am I practicing well?” I can spend hours with the oboe and get nowhere. I can spend fifteen minutes with it and master something. It’s not how long. It’s how well.

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hate me for being vegan hate me for playing the oboe well hate me for not being able to solve all your problems. i will still be me