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I would strongly suggest that you test your potential Oboe student’s ability to match pitch. I always say to my students they have to match pitch perfectly to play instruments like the Oboe and French Horn because it’s very easy to play the wrong note if you cannot hear it beforehand.

Well, yes, perhaps … but for rather different reasons, don’t you think? French hornists can play different notes with the same fingering, while we don’t. We just have a pesky reed and we can do a good amount of pitch bending with the things sometimes.

Still, I DO have my students match my tuner sometimes: I play a note on the tuner and tell them to continue to play even when I switch it over to tuning mode. Then I put the tuner on the stand (as they are still playing) to show them how close they managed to get. Most are pretty good at this, but some have to work on it for a while.

But maybe some of you disagree. Do you think it’s very easy to play the wrong note on oboe? I think it’s more of playing an out-of-tune note (as long as the fingering is correct, that is).

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