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Sadly I missed the video at 5:00 today, due to my teaching schedule, but I just realized that Indiana’s Jacobs School Of Music has the opera available to watch. Click this link and you’ll see the opera in a little link below. If you click that the video appears.

The overture begins at a speedier tempo than I’m used to. I notice, though, that the oboist manages to play her solo slightly slower. We are doing it in a subdivided three, so it’s slower. I’m happy about that.

If I could recommend one thing to young oboists it would be to learn how to double tongue!

Okay. Maybe that’s not true. I might recommend something else. But trust me when I saw that no matter how fast your tongue is as a younger player, it will slow down. Really.

Anyway, I will continue to listen until I need to get to bed … so far I’m really enjoying their performance! What fine students! And they have the subtitles for us too. Wonderful!

(Please remember these are students … I’m hearing some voices that might not be quite ready for prime time, but they are young.)

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I’ve not visited their site for quite some time. Looks like pop folks come and sing with them. How cool is that?

I LOVE watching them feel the words. It just hits my heart in one huge wonderful way.

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Watch. Please. Trust me on this.

These kids are just great … and at 1:30?! Well, YESSSS!!!

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A favorite conductor of mine, Constantine Kitsopoulos, writes:

Dear All, Tonight I’ll be conducting Giancarlo Menotti’s “The Last Savage” for IU Opera Theatre at 8pm. Ned Canty is the director and it’s the IU Symphony Orchestra in the pit and a wonderful group of IU singers on the stage. To see the live stream use the following link:

Yes, this is tonight. Of course you need to adjust for the time diff wherever you might be. 8:00 PM is EST. You can do the math … right? 🙂

(Sadly I teach until 6:00 … rats!)



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A thread to celebrate the instrument which relaxes my mind more than any other. There’s something awe inspiring about the sound that it produces.

A couple of favourites:

Vivaldi – Oboe Concerto in A Minor

Gabriel’s Oboe (from The Mission soundtrack)

Bach – Concerto for Oboe d’amore in A major

And not to forget the oboe’s sublime contribution to pop – Sonny and Cher, for example.

It was REM’s Nightswimming that first alerted me to the the beauty of the oboe’s sound, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be the Go-Betweens ‘Bye Bye Pride.’ A wholesome blast of oboe porn from Amanda Brown.

Have you any personal favourites?

I’m always interested in what drew someone to oboe. An alternative rock band is a bit of a surprise. But I’ll take it. 🙂

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Oboe reed, two piece, medium hardness: Oboe reed, two piece, medium hardness by [company name removed] Buy new: $9.50

I always wonder, “Should I get the one piece or the two piece oboe reed?” 😉