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A friend and fine trombonist, Tony, is dealing with a major health issue. When a musician can’t teach or work (work as in “play” … but it’s work, believe me!) a musician usually doesn’t have an income. This can be disastrous, as you might imagine. Tony will not be able to do anything with his trombone as he goes through this difficult time.

Can you help Tony? If so, please go here. Any little bit can help. Really. And all of us who care for Tony would appreciate it greatly.

I’ll probably repost this later to keep it present on the first page of the blog.

Tony, please know I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers

Here is Tony, if you would like to have a fun listen!

I hate the oboe but I swear ever[y] oboe player I know is so cute.

I just had to add the “y” because my heart hurts without it. 🙂

Blues for D.D. by Jeffrey Agrell

Song Hyun Jung (Amy Song) is 16 years old now. I remember hearing her on YouTube when she was 13 and I was wowed back then. Brava!

de Falla

Martin Schuring posted a shot of Manuel de Falla’s manuscript of the “Three Cornered Hat”, which he saw and photographed at the de Falla archives in Granada. I had heard many years ago that there was a missing note due to a typo. Now we can all SEE that note back in the score. Nice! (And thank you, Martin, for permission to post this.)

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It’s nice enough outside that I don’t have to practice oboe in the car!

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Someone writes to ask a question:

Okay, all….

It’s been about 23 years since I had that woodwind class in college when I tried to play the oboe. What are some hints and helps (other than those that include burning) that you all can share with me. Believe it or not, in my 20 years of teaching, I haven’t had to teach oboe!

We have a new oboe here (Selmer USA 123FB) and I’d like to get a student started on it. I have a flute player that is bright and interested.

I’m open to any help and advice. Thanks!!!

First of all … Selmer? Sigh. Can there be a good Selmer oboe? I’m not sure.

But then there’s this answer:

A million ideas about how to proceed, but one thing to be sure of before you do anything. It is good to choose ‘smart’ kids to play oboe, but many of these types of kids have a very low tolerance for frustration. Too many things come very easy for them, and I can guarantee you that oboe will not be one of them! I’ve seen many smart kids that would be great band kids flame out because their can’t handle the frustration of learning this infernal beast.So be sure they have the temperment as well as the aptitude.

Yes, I am an oboe player, and yes, my sanity has left the building.

So choose a smart kid but one that has a high tolerance for frustration? Um. Okay. 🙂

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RQOD = Reed Quote of the Day

Don’t worry, I’ll probably not have any more of these … but how could I resist this?

A finished reed is 70 millimeters in length, and the part that you scrape is only from 47 to 70 millimeters. Twenty-three millimeters define our existence.

Eugene Izotov

You can read more and even see a video about his low A oboe by clicking here.