de Falla

Martin Schuring posted a shot of Manuel de Falla’s manuscript of the “Three Cornered Hat”, which he saw and photographed at the de Falla archives in Granada. I had heard many years ago that there was a missing note due to a typo. Now we can all SEE that note back in the score. Nice! (And thank you, Martin, for permission to post this.)


  1. What am I missing? Are you talking about the Bb in the 5tuplet? I’ve heard it played without that note, but that’s the way I learned the piece back in the early 60’s. I think it’s that way in the Vade Mecum, but wherever I learned it, that’s what was printed…

  2. No, I’m talking about the A before that Bb, Bob. It’s frequently left off and there is a third there. That’s how the part looks in most copies I’ve seen and it’s not a septuplet.