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Someone writes to ask a question:

Okay, all….

It’s been about 23 years since I had that woodwind class in college when I tried to play the oboe. What are some hints and helps (other than those that include burning) that you all can share with me. Believe it or not, in my 20 years of teaching, I haven’t had to teach oboe!

We have a new oboe here (Selmer USA 123FB) and I’d like to get a student started on it. I have a flute player that is bright and interested.

I’m open to any help and advice. Thanks!!!

First of all … Selmer? Sigh. Can there be a good Selmer oboe? I’m not sure.

But then there’s this answer:

A million ideas about how to proceed, but one thing to be sure of before you do anything. It is good to choose ‘smart’ kids to play oboe, but many of these types of kids have a very low tolerance for frustration. Too many things come very easy for them, and I can guarantee you that oboe will not be one of them! I’ve seen many smart kids that would be great band kids flame out because their can’t handle the frustration of learning this infernal beast.So be sure they have the temperment as well as the aptitude.

Yes, I am an oboe player, and yes, my sanity has left the building.

So choose a smart kid but one that has a high tolerance for frustration? Um. Okay. 🙂

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