19. December 2014 · Comments Off on Free Concert With Brass of Berlin Phil & Some Kids! · Categories: Christmas, Videos

Yep. I just saw this on twitter. I’ve just started watching it (registration required). It’s rather cute at the beginning. I hope some of you give it a go! It’s an hour of some mighty nice brass playing, if the start is any indication. 🙂

(And Sara Willis sure is a good speaker. I’m impressed!)

This is a children’s concert, so you’ll be getting a bit of a brass education too, from the sound of it (I am just listening for the first time as I type this.)

If the childrens’ faces don’t make you smile I don’t know what will! (I was sorry to see someone tell a couple of kids to settle down as they were bouncing up and down to a bouncy tune. It’s a kids’ concert! Sigh.)

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