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…the FOOTBALL REMEMBERS campaign marks the centenary of the World War One 1914 Christmas Day truce in which soldiers played a game of football in No Mans Land near Ypres in Belgium.

I get emails from music companies on occasion, offering me free things. Asking me to publicize something. Wanting attention. When I began getting them it was rather fun and exciting and I felt special. Of course then I realized that they just have some sort of spambot that finds me because I have the word “oboe” in my URL. Classical, pop, rock, heavy metal … you name it, I seem to get it. These days I ignore them for the most part. It’s not that I hate the music (some of the time), but I have to be honest adn tell them I have no time to review things, which is what they want, of course. (I also get emails about contests I could host, but the last time I tried that it got so little attention I didn’t think it was worth it to do another. If you disagree let me know and I’ll try one again.)

In any case — after this bit of a pattyramble™ — I received one for a pop album and, believe it or not, it caught my attention. The story rang a bell, but it was a pretty distant one. I wanted to hear the music.

Well, well, well, one of my string playing pals favorite tunes, eh? 😉 But hey, maybe this is a good use for it. What say ye?

PS I recognize the name Julian Lennon. Otherwise I’m clueless. I need to study up on pop artists, I guess.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.32.27 AM

Here’s some info I also received:

I’ve been working with pluggers Dylan White and Steve Tandy on The Peace Collective’s version of ‘All Together Now’ a record that commemorates the 1914 Christmas Day truce between English and German troops, and supports the vital work of The British Red Cross and Shorncliffe Trust.

As we approach the final weekend of sales before the Christmas charts are announced, I would really appreciate any support you can give the single. It would also be hugely appreciated if everyone could take a moment or two to join the Thunderclap. This is a social media takeover that’s happening tomorrow evening. In just a couple of clicks you can ensure your social media profiles will host a Peace Collective message at 5pm tomorrow and hopefully we will see #AllTogetherNow trending. This is the link to use it really couldn’t be easier – http://thndr.it/1qvyef0

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