27. December 2014 · Comments Off on Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho · Categories: Photos, Teaching

I’m back to work this morning. Yep, already. I have three students today, one of whom is new. A week off would have been nice, but with no Nutcracker income I felt the need to take students who wanted lessons during the holidays. At least I hope they want these lessons. I do wonder if it was actually the parents! But in any case, I really do love to teach, and I look forward to seeing “my” kids, beginning in less than an hour. (I also hope the ringing in my ears stops soon: we went to The MeshugaNutcracker last night, and while it was great fun, they were miked a bit too loud and my ears are punishing me this morning. I should have thought to bring earplugs!)

Here … have some flowers! I continue to marvel at the beauty around me. I doubt that will ever change.







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