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Is it completely different to work with an oboist? [compared to a singer]

It’s not as different as you’d think. They are both delicate things, I would say, with the inclination, courage even, to be penetrating.

What a fun thing to watch and listen to! I love the thing about us not breathing. I tell my students we can play for “miles” and that flutists go crazy because of us … one told me once “you make me look bad!” As I tell my kids, though, th epoor flutists are blowing out into th stratosphere and we are blowing through a tiny reed that only takes so much air. They run out of oxygen. We run “into” carbon dioxide.

Oh … and that throwing the instruments across the room. Yikes!

Now to ramble as I watch …

Good viola joke around 20:54 😉

How about the part about being insecure, eh? (around 43:00)

… and now I’m at “A Time for Us” which is a song that came out when I was in middle school and boy does that bring back memories!

Plus I just learned of a work I didn’t know: Liebesruf eines Faun, for English horn & piano – Hans Steinmetz. Nice!

(I don’t eat lamb, so that part wasn’t to my heart’s delight, but AH, Mayer’s playing IS to my heart’s delight and I would just love to meet that man some day. Doubtful it’ll ever happen, but I feel as if I’ve met him through his music.)

But really, what a fun video. All 58:58 of it! Please watch it! SO much truth.

Now I’ve finished … wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL!

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