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Chromatic Scale???!!! (Oboe)?
I really need help on my chromatic scale quick (I have a test in less than a week and i can’t even play it!!) How do I play my sharps and, I only know some of my flats, same as my naturals. So how do you blow differently for sharps, flats, and naturals?? Are the flats and naturals different fingerings? because some of my notes are like that, but my sharps and naturals are just the same fingering. Im sorry if this is such stupid question. And can you give me tips on playing the higher octaves?? I find my high A and high B flat immensely hard to play.
So here are my questions if that was confusing :

1. what are the differences between sharps, flats, and naturals?
2. how can i play them differently?
3. tips on my higher octave????

I realize we can all laugh at this, but what I want to ask first is who is teaching this oboist?! Sigh.

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