23. January 2015 · Comments Off on I Am Not All About Classical · Categories: Videos

Sometimes I like other kinds of music. Honest. A friend (thank you Gordon Myers) shared this with me due to the oboist in it. But really … when the singing starts the power of music … it hits me. It brings back my childhood.

This is what music does. For some it’s only a certain style of music. It might be baroque, classical, heavy metal, country western (no, really, I’m sure that works for some). For some of us it’s a number of styles. It gets into your gut and it is this sort of wonderful, powerful, painful thing that we love. I know of nothing else that can have this power. Sometimes reading poetry or prose out loud gets close, and seeing van Gogh’s Starry Night was the very closest I’ve ever gotten, but music … ah, music!

I know some of you will puzzle over my liking this particular video, but I do. It hits me. In the gut. Go figure. I doubt it would continue to hit me if I listened to it hour after hour, but still, it hits me. (Dare I admit that Carly Simon’s “Share the End” can do this to me as well? that moment when she nearly screams at the end … I don’t know. Maybe I’ll keep that one a secret.)

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