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I don’t fully “get” ballet, but this is an amazing piece. It’s feels very personal, and really helps me see the tremendous work and skill in ballet. Breathlessness, too. Especially in the first and second parts. The third section where she is motionless … it certainly will cause me to see things differently when I next attend a ballet.

“Veronique Doisneau”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And, finally, the very brief Part 4

Does it make you think of dance differently? It does for me.

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This really hit my heart; I hope you enjoy it too. (Janet Kroeker, I think especially think of you after your kind words yesterday!) Funny how I’d never thought about the lyrics and the fading of love before. I guess I’m just that slow.

The Water is Wide
The Singers; Matthew Culloton; Conductor

Matthew Culloton conducts René Clausen’s arrangement of ths American Folk song. Laura Sewell, cello; Melissa Morey, horn; Jennifer Gerth, clarinet; Steve Swanson, piano.