From CList:

Single case for oboe, in extremely good condition (slight scuffing to fabric lining). Branded as “Bundy”, but would obviously fit any oboe.

Of course most of us would be more than reluctant to have a Bundy case in the first place, but cases doesn’t always work for all oboes! I have to Marigaux oboes and the older one is narrower. My (slightly but still old now) newer oboe won’t fit into that lovely, thin case.

Bonna, Protec (pink, anyone!?), BAM, Wiseman, Boston Double Reeds (custom made!) … those seem to work for all brands. I have used BAM cases, and have friends that use others that seem to fit anything, but I think a case that was built for a specific oboe could be problematic.

Besides, who wants to advertise Bundy? ;-)

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