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Yet another new study …

A new study reveals that listening to classical music enhances mood, sharpens memory and enhances learning.

Listening to classical music kicks your genes into action, spurring the onset of several physiological processes in the body that can boost your mood and enhance your memory, according to Finnish researchers.

Genes that secrete and transport the feel-good hormone dopamine are called into action as well as those involved in a process called synaptic neurotransmission, which sharpens your memory and ability to learn.

These genes that get enhanced after listening to classical music, or “up-regulated” in scientific terms, are known to be responsible for songbirds’ musicality, according to the researchers, indicating that we share an evolutionary platform with them.

What’s more, classical music hinders the activity of genes that facilitate neurodegeneration, so turning up the tunes could also preserve the cells in your nervous system.

We are so constantly going on about how smart classical music can make you. Drives me bonkers, to be honest. I listen to it because I love it, doggone it! I will continue to listen to it (and play it) because I love it, and it moves and feeds me, and I think it’s good for my heart.

Still, you might just want to up-regulate those genes. You choose.

I skimmed it here. (No time at the moment to take the time to watch the lengthy videos.)

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