Thomas Tallis: If Ye Love Me
St. Paul’s Concert Chorale; John Smedstad, Conductor

Chesnokov: Salvation is Created
St. Paul’s Concert Chorale; John Smedstad, Conductor

(I am so delighted to find high school singers like this! Stay tuned for more from them.)

In our latest photo meet-up we saw some photos of this amazing thing. I don’t know if I’ll ever experience them live and in person, but I can dream.

Meanwhile, here’s some music about it. (You have to crank up the sound a bit … or at least I did.)

Northern Lights – Eriks Ešenvalds (b. 1977)
Bienen Contemporary/Early Vocal Ensemble
Dr. Donald Nally, Conductor

Filmed December 2, 2013
Pick-Staiger Concert Hall at Northwestern University
Evanston, IL

Davee Distance Learning Initiative
Video Director: Richard Van Kleeck

Tenor: Ryan Townsend Strand

Cik naksninas pret ziemeli
Redzej’ kavus karojam;
Karo kavi pie debesu,
Ved?s karus mus’ zeme.

(How many nights against the North wind
I saw the Northern Lights fighting;
Fighting in the sky, the Northern Lights
Bring wars to our land.)

It was night, and I had gone on deck several times.
Iceberg was silent; I too was silent.
It was true dark and cold.
At nine o’clock I was below in my cabin,
When the captain hailed me with the words:
“Come above, Hall, at once! The world is on fire!”
I knew his meaning, and, quick as thought,
I rushed to the companion stairs.
In a moment I reached the deck,
And as the cabin door swung open,
A dazzling light, overpow’ring light burst upon my startled senses!
Oh, the whole sky was one glowing mass of colored flames, so mighty, so brave!
Like a pathway of light the northern lights seemed to draw us into the sky.
Yes, it was harp-music, wild storming in the darkness;
The strings trembled and sparkled in the glow of the flames
Like a shower of fiery darts.
A fiery crown of auroral light cast a warm glow across the arctic ice.
Again at times it was like softly playing, gently rocking silvery waves,
On which dreams travel into unknown worlds.

Text: Latvian folksong, Charles Francis Hall, Fridtjof Nansen

Stéphanie Argerich’s intimate and tender portrait of her parents, the legendary pianists Martha Argerich and Stephen Kovacevich, is on release in the UK from 1 May. Stéphanie, Argerich’s youngest daughter, has been filming her mother since she was a teenager, and what emerges here is a refreshingly honest account of the challenges of raising children while pursuing a career as a performing artist, a fascinating study of one of the world’s greatest living pianists, and a touching portrait of mothers and their daughters.

I saw the clip and read the blurb here.