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The oboe is a three-foot ebony tube, topped by a double reed made from bamboo or plastic. The oboist has to blow into this device with all the strength that he has. The veins stand out on his temples, he gets red in the face, and sometimes becomes incontinent.

Over time, after playing too much oboe and with the constant vibration of the reed, he can go slightly nuts. This is a form of PTSD — post traumatic stress disorder. Oboe players tend to retire early from symphony orchestras.

I love it! And yes, he was being witty. 🙂

I read it here.

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… and I’m an introvert.

It would need to be a meet up with a smaller number of people at the restaurant in order to work for me, but I’d be game. Of course I can’t tell, by what is written in the article if it’s only the conductor who is meeting up with people, or if it includes orchestra members as well.

Then there’s the chance to mingle with Cabrera, who plans to continue inviting all of Reynolds Hall to Mundo restaurant for meetups after Saturday concerts, something he experienced while guest-conducting in Columbus, Ohio, in February. “I thought it was such a cool idea. This is such a great way to get the audience connected with the orchestra,” says Cabrera, who was selected to lead the Las Vegas Philharmonic last spring.

And then there’s this:

And while the conductor—who is also resident conductor of the San Francisco Symphony and music director of the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra, the California Symphony and the New Hampshire Music Festival—remains loyal to excellence, he also relishes in such moments as an audience member yelling “Yeehaw!” during a performance from Aaron Copland’s Rodeo. “I want to break down all of these walls,” Cabrera says. “I want them to feel they can go to a Philharmonic concert just as easily as a Lady Gaga concert.”

Well yes, I think a “Heehaw!” is called for in that piece. 🙂

PS I don’t feel that I could easily go to a Lady Gaga concert. Just so you know. That problem goes both ways.