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I’m watching a PBS mystery show and there is a piano teacher working with a student. He starts the work again and as he plays she stands up and walks to the window to look out.

Okay teachers … how many of you just leave your kids and stop paying attention?!

When I’m teaching I’m working, doggone it. I figure they are paying for my undivided attention and I plan on giving that to them! 🙂


I have to watch closed caption when I am watching a British show because I just can’t catch all that they are saying. Because of that, I also get information about the music. At one point it said “dark music” and later “orchestral music”, but hey … just now it said “dark music layering”.

Too funny! Or maybe it’s just me … but we’ve moved on to “somber music” … but we’ve also had “surprising music” … and now “ominous music”!. 😉

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… a letter to the editor:

So the BBC is starting a campaign to get children interested in classical music.

Wouldn’t they get interested in it by themselves if it was any good?

Just like opera, which is always crying out for funding, it’s a niche interest that is only “enjoyed” by people who like to think they’re better than everyone else.

If there isn’t a big enough audience to support these “arts”, just let them die.

Elizabeth Ward

I read it here. I have a suspicion the writer and I wouldn’t get along. At all.