28. May 2015 · Comments Off on Ah, Music and TV · Categories: TV

I’m watching a PBS mystery show and there is a piano teacher working with a student. He starts the work again and as he plays she stands up and walks to the window to look out.

Okay teachers … how many of you just leave your kids and stop paying attention?!

When I’m teaching I’m working, doggone it. I figure they are paying for my undivided attention and I plan on giving that to them! 🙂


I have to watch closed caption when I am watching a British show because I just can’t catch all that they are saying. Because of that, I also get information about the music. At one point it said “dark music” and later “orchestral music”, but hey … just now it said “dark music layering”.

Too funny! Or maybe it’s just me … but we’ve moved on to “somber music” … but we’ve also had “surprising music” … and now “ominous music”!. 😉

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