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I was on one of my long walks today: Monday is my day off and whenever possible I try to make it totally about me. Yep, that’s how selfish I am! But we musicians don’t have our weekends off much of the time, so when I turned Monday into my “guaranteed weekend” this year I embraced it completely.

I walked first to the Heritage Rose Garden (for fans, just know that it is looking dreary in many areas, although the bugs seem happy!):

First Shot: Pink Rose and a Bug, 6.1.15

As I was walking, a young man (whom I later learned is from Chicago and has only moved here this past fall) asked about my camera and we ended up chatting for a good amount of time. When he learned what I did he asked if I played in the Lord of the Rings event and obviously I answered in the affirmative. He and his partner had attended the concerts! They had, in fact, purchased tickets to the first movie and then, having experienced that, cut a Yosemite trip short so they could go to the final two movies. HOW COOL IS THAT?! He went on and on about how worth it it was, and was so enthusiastic my heart did a little happy dance. (Well, you couldn’t SEE it, so I think it’s okay: no one would ever want to see ME do a happy dance!) What a joy to talk to him, his partner, and two others who were visiting here from Chicago. (And if you read this PLEASE drop me a line because you really made my day!)

THAT is why we did those. To make amazing memories for people like him. To introduce the symphony in a way that isn’t stiff and possibly boring (I don’t find concerts boring, but I’m old and I know what to listen for. Newbies take a while to learn that sometimes, right?)

Anyway, it was a wonderful walk (of around twelve miles!) that included both of our local rose gardens plus the new Rotary Children’s Garden but meeting those four was the highlight of my day.

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