When I was younger I simply couldn’t stand the sound of Baroque instruments. It puzzles me now, as I really love them. I wonder if it’s just that I was so busy trying to refine my (modern) sound I couldn’t deal with other sounds. That might be it, since I was also SO harsh about any sort of tone other than the American sound.

These days I just love it all, as long as it’s musical and in tune. Variety … it’s not a bad thing.

This video was a fun listen. The d’amore player is Emmanuel Laporte, in case you are wondering. The group might be the Ricercar Consort, since I do see Philippe Pierlot playing.

If life were longer and time weren’t an issue I would so love to learn Baroque oboe … or maybe the Baroque d’amore, as it is quite lovely!

You’ll hear some speedy tempi here …


  1. I love it, Patty! I like the “gamier” sound of authentic Baroque instruments, especially the winds. Also, the mellower sound of the strings, as opposed to “screaming steel strings.” Also, the mellower sound of playing the music half a step lower than modern pitch, where it should be. (Very critical for singers especially!)
    My cousin John Solum has recorded a lot of Baroque music played on wooden flute, which I also enjoy listening to.

  2. Glad you liked it Kerry! Playing that much lower won’t work on our instruments, of course. 🙂