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It’s happened: I’ve been called to jury duty and I actually don’t have any rehearsals or performances so I don’t even need to reschedule for another week. I do believe in doing my civic duty. Really I do. But jury duty for a musician who is also a private instructor means income loss, should I end up on a trial.

There’s simply no way to reschedule all the students who will miss lessons if I have to cancel. For summer I am teaching Wednesday through Saturday. Should I end up in that jury box I will be canceling at least ten students’ lessons. We are generously (sarcasm detection alert should be on) given a whopping (more sarcasm) $15 per day AFTER the first day at the court. We are paid 34 cents per actual mileage traveled from the second day as well. At the same time, they request we take public transportation because they don’t have enough parking.

Somehow it all starts to feel like punishment. For some people that may mean they are angry enough to punish the person they are ruling on from that jury box, don’t you think?

In any case, I will do my duty, but I will also explain the financial hardship it causes. During the summer our only source of income, aside from the occasional odd performance job that might pop up, is from my teaching, since Dan doesn’t get paid at all in July and August.

That being said (or whined about, really), I’ve only been dismissed the last two times I made it far enough to be questioned by the attorneys. I’ve been told the prosecution isn’t too thrilled with musicians. I guess they think we are all too much like criminals.

Or something. 😉

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