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I have a few new students, and they are reminding me about issues I no longer struggle with. I’ve written before about these, but it’s been a while.

No Flyaway Fingers!
“Flyaway fingers” are those pesky digits that look as if they are trying to escape OboeLand™ entirely. They are far enough away that it’s nearly impossible to get them on to their keys in time for a note that requires them.

Piggy Back FingersShy Mr. Pinkie
Some students have a tendency to place the left pinkie under the oboe rather than above, near the G#/A? and B keys.

Finger Re-Placement
A finger needed for the next note is already down for the current note, but some students lift the finger and re-place it. Nope. Don’t go there!

Half Hole Hop
I see this even with students who have played for years. Just don’t do it. The (almost) only time my half hole finger comes up is for high C#/Db.

And here’s a new one for me …
Mr. Lazy
This is a recent issue I’m dealing with: a student’s right index finger is over the key, but while it touches the key it doesn’t get pushed all the way down for F#/G?.

As you might guess, I have young students so I give these problems names like “Mr. Lazy” and “Piggy Back Fingers”. It helps them remember the issues.

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