02. September 2015 · Comments Off on Getting My Pit Legs Back · Categories: Opera, Ramble

If one can have “sea legs” I’m assuming that I can have “pit legs”.


Today was our first Opera San Jose rehearsal of the season. What a joy to be back with my wonderful colleagues. What an honor to get to play such fantastic music.

Of course the first rehearsal is a bit of a mystery before I get into the pit: will I actually manage? Will my embouchure last? Will my intonation be okay? (Will I remember how to put the oboe together? Okay, okay, I’m not THAT out of it. Honest!)

I know I have things to work on, but I sure did have fun today.

Of course it’s hard to go wrong with Tosca!

This is from our production four years ago (I’m hoping that I can post something from this production at some point. Stay tuned!)