10. September 2015 · Comments Off on Tosca! · Categories: Opera

We have now had all of our Tosca rehearsals. This is an opera I really love to play. Of course I love to hear it as well, but playing it is best, as far as I am concerned. If you aren’t playing, though, I do hope you’ll attend. Do you have your tickets yet?

Tonight’s final dress rehearsal was a toughie for me: I had the beginning of a migraine. I should have realized it was coming on earlier, as I had an ear issue that is frequently a sign and my eyes weren’t focussing particularly well, but for some reason I didn’t put it all together until it was too late, so I muddled through with the pounding head. Such is life. At least the migraine was only starting and wasn’t as bad as it can get. I’m now home, have eaten and taken my pills, and will head to bed and hope I sleep.

But again, I ask you … do you have your tickets yet? 🙂