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On occasion I’ve posted some collaborative videos from YouTube: most of the time people from different countries put these things together and much of the time I’m pretty amazed at what they do. Now I see that one group (six guys, five countries — Canada, France, Sweden, UK and USA) have actually connected and performed live together. What a fun thing to see and hear!

I’m a huge fan of a cappella … heck, I’m a huge fan of the human voice. Too bad I have an awful human voice and have to use the oboe voice instead. But such is life.

Their tribute to Gene Puerling is lovely:

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Yes, really … I won’t keep posting videos although I could easily waste the rest of my day viewing them, but I have things to do around here.

I landed on this video, though, and feel like posting. It says “A thrilling new sonic experience – This is how Spark defines Classical Music in the 21. century!”

So I am NOT being snarky here. I just want to know what makes this “Classical”. Honest and true, I’m asking so you can offer up your opinion to me. Thoughts?

Note: For the record, I like this. I’ve now listened to another video of their work and I am going to have to check more of their work out. Fun stuff! The piece I’m now listening to as I type this seems more like folk rock or something. [time lapse] … Ah-hah! They list, in their language (German): Klassik, Avantgarde, Minimal, Rock, Pop and Folk. So yeah … that works.

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Have any of you heard of the medieval author Christine de Pizan? I hadn’t.

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Just because.

From the YouTube (Warner Classics) page:
New Arpeggiata album out 23 October, 2015.

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Will somebody tell me why I should have the slightest interest in the fact that Ms Fischer performed with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra earlier this year? Will the same somebody – perhaps the head of the Proms – tell me why these programmes can’t include a single fact that I and other audience members are interested in? Where did she grow up, where did she go to school? When did she take up the violin? And perish the thought we should be told anything at all about her personal life, whether she is a parent, how old she is?


I’m with the writer. I’m tired of bios like that. I want to know things that give an insight into the person. But maybe I’m silly. You?

I would also suggest that photos of performers be up to date! Why oh why would someone put a forty year old picture in their bio? It only makes them look ancient when they walk on stage. Or even unrecognizable.