15. September 2015 · Comments Off on And FINALLY … · Categories: Listen, Videos

Yes, really … I won’t keep posting videos although I could easily waste the rest of my day viewing them, but I have things to do around here.

I landed on this video, though, and feel like posting. It says “A thrilling new sonic experience – This is how Spark defines Classical Music in the 21. century!”

So I am NOT being snarky here. I just want to know what makes this “Classical”. Honest and true, I’m asking so you can offer up your opinion to me. Thoughts?

Note: For the record, I like this. I’ve now listened to another video of their work and I am going to have to check more of their work out. Fun stuff! The piece I’m now listening to as I type this seems more like folk rock or something. [time lapse] … Ah-hah! They list, in their language (German): Klassik, Avantgarde, Minimal, Rock, Pop and Folk. So yeah … that works.

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