Sometimes I listen to a piece of music and I just want to fall to the floor and weep.

That is what music can do to me.

I hope that it can do that to all of you as well.

Sometimes it’s just a simple progression of notes. Or a harmony. It hits me in the gut. This isn’t a bad weepy thing. It’s that good, amazingly painful but wonderful sort of weepy thing going on.

There is something about the beauty. The wonder. The … well … never mind … I have no words. I’ll just settle myself here on the floor and weep for a while.

That’ll do.


  1. So what were you listening to, Patty? You can’t leave us not knowing!!

    Sorry – this is my first comment after following your blog for a few years, whilst learning to play oboe. I’ve had to stop playing (painful rheumatoid arthritis in my hands) – but I still catch up on your blog from time to time, and enjoy reading your posts.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your arthritis, Julie. 🙁

    Hm … I was listening to a choral work and I’d have to look it up to see what it was now (because my brain is not quite awake yet) … but, honestly, there are a number of works, not just choral, that do this to me. The Adagietto from Mahler 5, for one.

    Off on my walk now, so I’ll have to update this when I come back. I’m guessing I was referring to the work I posted for a Sunday Music post, though.