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Ah, US Airways, I will attempt never to fly with you. I haven’t so far, so I’m guessing it should be easy.

A dispute over a precious violin on a US Airways flight on Sunday ended with a noted classical musician and her family spending the night on the floor of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona.

The musician, Rachel Barton Pine, was leaving Phoenix on her way to her home in Chicago. According to Pine, as she boarded the plane a flight attendant told her that her 1742 “ex-soldat” Guarneri del Gesú would not fit in the overhead bin.

“There was already stuff in the bins,” Pine said. “That being said, there was certainly room if a few people’s backpacks had been removed and the violin had been placed at the back of the bin,” with the other items arranged in front of it.

“There was room for it but only with a bit of re-arranging, which they decided to not allow us to do,” Pine continued. The Guarneri could either be gate-checked or she could wait for the next flight. She chose the latter, and related the incident on Facebook and Twitter.


I love how, later, US Airways has the gal to tweet back to her. Amazing.

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