03. October 2015 · Comments Off on Opening Night, Symphony Silicon Valley · Categories: Pictures, Ramble, Symphony

We had our opening tonight for the season. It was a moving night, because we also remember our conductor from San Jose Symphony, George Cleve. After playing the Star Spangled Banner and having Andrew Bales speak for a brief time the strings played a string version of Mozart’s Ave Verum. I was very moved. Yes, in a sniffly sort of way. I still expect to see George in the audience or on the podium and I suspect that feeling will last for a while.

I don’t have much to worry about in this concert, but one note is scary and that’s all it takes to make for a stressful evening. Once that note is over, I’m just fine. (Whew!)


There was a table set up in the lobby with photos of George from infancy on. It was rather crowded, so I couldn’t snap a lot of pictures, but I had to take a few of the oil painting there. Apparently a woman painted this from a photo of the orchestra. I recognize a good number of people in this, including my high school band director! I’m not in the picture though, so either it’s before my time, or it was a concert on which I wasn’t needed (I was the English hornist). (I initially thought it HAD to be before I got in, but the photo is clearly in the CPA, and I believe they moved in there the year I won my position.)


People I recognize: George Cleve, Lauren Jakey, Phil Zahorsky, Donald Homuth, Rocco Distasio, Peter Shelton, Bob Hubbard, Wendell Rider, Lorrie Hunt, Laurel Brobst, Pat O’Gara … and more, but I can’t remember all their names! When they come to me I’ll add them.