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My father played oboe and when I watched rehearsals I could never see him behind the violin section. So all I knew was that I didn’t want to play oboe because nobody would see me.

—Maxim Vengerov

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… and the last sentence of the portion I’m posting here is priceless! 🙂

There’s a new member in the viola section of the fifth grade orchestra at Winton Woods Intermediate School. Like the other musicians, this is his first time playing a musical instrument. Like the other musicians, he still gets easily confused reading the sheet music and plucking the right notes on his instrument. Unlike the other musicians, Jeremy Day isn’t a fifth grader. He’s the school’s principal.

“A 5th grade class is exactly where I need to be because I literally know nothing about music,” said Day, “so it’s been a nice fit.”

Day was always more of an athlete, playing football and running track in middle and high school, though he admits that he did sing in the school choir. “It irritates me that I hadn’t played an instrument growing up,” he said. “I respect people who can play.”

Winton Woods Orchestra Director Felipe Morales-Torres was quickly on board when Day approached him with the idea. “This district enthusiastically supports the arts,” said Morales-Torres. “Mr. Day’s participation is a perfect example of that. He’s a principal who supports music students so much that he signed up to learn beside them.”

So now, instead of observing the class, as he usually would, Day is part of the class. Alexie Mavridoglou, who sits next to Day in the classroom, said having the principal right there made her nervous at first. She said she got over it pretty quickly once she realized, “I’m better at viola than he is.”