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I’m sitting in my warm study: it is rainy and windy and I’m loving every minute of it. It does mean, though, that I will wait a while before my Monday walk, if I manage one at all. (I don’t mind rain walks, but I don’t care for windy rain walks, and I’m also just feeling lazy, due to the opera rehearsal last night and staying up far too long after that.) Meanwhile, I investigate music on YouTube. Nothing like a warm blanket of music, right?

I just landed at a lovely choral page, and I’m not only enjoying the music but the words. It’s a poem I’d not known.

Bright Is the Ring of Words
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894)

From Songs of Travel

Bright is the ring of words
When the right man rings them,
Fair the fall of songs
When the singer sings them.
Still they are carolled and said —
On wings they are carried —
After the singer is dead
And the maker buried.

Low as the singer lies
In the field of heather,
Songs of his fashion bring
The swains together.
And when the west is red
With the sunset embers,
The lover lingers and sings
And the maid remembers.

Info from the YouTube Page:
The World Premiere of Richard Burchard’s, “Bright is the Ring of Words.” Performed by the award winning Mt Sac Chamber Singers and the RCC Chamber Singers, for the 50th Anniversary ACDA Conference, Santa Barbara, Ca. February 21, 2014. Travis Hancock performing as part of a duet.

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