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Next week we have the fun (and challenge) of playing for the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Get your tickets now! 🙂

I was delighted to read that we will be conducted by Constantine Kitsopoulos. I worked with him many years ago and he was fabulous. It’ll be great to see him again and work with him once more!


If you need to get tickets just start here. Last year we did the Lord of the Rings movies and, let me assure you, the audience went wild! It really was quite exciting. These are things not to be missed: when is the last time you heard a live orchestra with a movie? C’mon … go for it!


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Just a couple of comments:

I don’t put the bell on first, and I’ve played for … um … over 45 years. I also take the bell of first when I’m putting it away. Go figure. Learn something new every day. (Not that I’ll change my habits now.)

I never use a silk swab. Having caught those darn things in the oboe (and English horn) too many times (even with that “tail” that is supposed to allow us to pull it back out in a swab emergency). In addition, if you DO use those, be sure and put the joing completely upright once the weighted part of the swab appears and you grab on to it. There are gremlins in the joints and they LOVE to knot things up if you hold it downward or sideways. Trust me. I do have a number of friends who use these silk swabs, so I know others love them. I just like a simple old t-shirt type material swab. They are more absorbent and they rarely get stuck.

That being said, it’s a nice, clear video, and the player does a nice job playing. 🙂