Nope, I won’t be trying to break this record. I’m at 40 seasons right now if we assume Symphony Silicon Valley and San Jose Symphony can count as one group. I’m not sure if I’ll make 50 or not, but 71? Nope. ain’t gonna happen!

One member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records this week.

Bassist Jane Little, 87, will set the world record for the longest professional tenure with a single orchestra.

Her career has spanned the whole history of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. She joined the group in 1945 when it was still a youth orchestra under maestro and educator Henry Sopkin. It turned professional in 1947, and Little finally got paid for the first time for her bass playing, a whopping $35 every other week.


I hear the Lady is going to sing the National Anthem for something called the Supper Superbowl. So here to honor her … the instrument she WISHES she played, I’m sure! (And hey, there’s Devin Hinzo!)

The Mannes Oboe Studio (2013-2014) plays the encore piece “Gaga for Oboes”, a medley of songs by Lady Gaga for 5 oboes and English horn, transcribed/arranged for them by oboist/reed-maker Ryan Walsh. The songs in the medley are: “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, “Telephone”, “Judas” and “Applause”. The players from right to left are: Cat Cantrell, Cory Snoddy, Phil Rashkin, Scott Wollett, Devin Hinzo and Ron Cohen Mann. (That last one … well … he manages heels better than I ever would. Go figure.)

Asked to identify the symphony instrument that gets nicknamed “clown of the orchestra,” many orchestral aficionados would pick the bassoon, bass member of the oboe family.

So welcome to my family, dear bassoonists! :-)

But wait … there’s MORE!

Because it heeds to have a very long tube in order to produce its distinctive timbre, it cannot be crafted in a straight line.

Hm … “heeds”? :-)

Then there is the headline:

S.F. Symphony bassoonist Stephen Paulson to show his prowess on ‘the clown of the orchesra.’

Yep … it really was spelled “orchesra”.

Thank you, Mercury News! You make me laugh.

The article itself is about Stephen Paulson. So that’s good.