Nope, I won’t be trying to break this record. I’m at 40 seasons right now if we assume Symphony Silicon Valley and San Jose Symphony can count as one group. I’m not sure if I’ll make 50 or not, but 71? Nope. ain’t gonna happen!

One member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records this week.

Bassist Jane Little, 87, will set the world record for the longest professional tenure with a single orchestra.

Her career has spanned the whole history of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. She joined the group in 1945 when it was still a youth orchestra under maestro and educator Henry Sopkin. It turned professional in 1947, and Little finally got paid for the first time for her bass playing, a whopping $35 every other week.



  1. But 40 is a great achievement!

  2. I suppose it is … and thanks! 🙂