03. February 2016 · Comments Off on Gaga For Oboes · Categories: Oboe, Pop Music

I hear the Lady is going to sing the National Anthem for something called the Supper Superbowl. So here to honor her … the instrument she WISHES she played, I’m sure! (And hey, there’s Devin Hinzo!)

The Mannes Oboe Studio (2013-2014) plays the encore piece “Gaga for Oboes”, a medley of songs by Lady Gaga for 5 oboes and English horn, transcribed/arranged for them by oboist/reed-maker Ryan Walsh. The songs in the medley are: “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, “Telephone”, “Judas” and “Applause”. The players from right to left are: Cat Cantrell, Cory Snoddy, Phil Rashkin, Scott Wollett, Devin Hinzo and Ron Cohen Mann. (That last one … well … he manages heels better than I ever would. Go figure.)

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