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David Lang: Manifesto

(I’d post the words, but I suspect that would be breaking copyright, although the composer DID just pull them off the internet ….)

From the composer:
manifesto was commissioned by Cantus Vocal Ensemble for a concert about love. It is a subject I am very curious about, and, as I so often do, I went to the internet to find out more. In the hopes of finding the essential qualities of a loving relationship, I ended up searching for things that people say they look for in a romantic partner. I searched the phrase “I want to be with someone who&hellp;” and then assembled the text out of the auto-completions. Not all of them — not the ones that were insulting to other people or were pornographic, or were unique to a certain culture or nationality or religion. I really only wanted to find the answers that seemed most universal. I was hoping to imagine a larger community of people, all actively in search of love, listing the characteristics of lovers they could believe in. And because it ended up reading like a statement of belief I called it manifesto.

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