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If you are taking photos of a group singing, be sure you first look at your camera’s menu and figure out how to turn the little focus beep (or whatever it’s called) off! If you leave it on, be sure you don’t walk close enough that you are in the video! Lovely singing, but those little beeps are rather aggravating, don’t you think?

Mühlfeld: Ruhe in Gott
Vocalitas Nova; Philipp Büttner

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Kim André Arnesen: There We Shall Rest
Kantorei; Joel Rinsema, Conductor

“Ibi vacabimus et videbimus, videbimus et amabimus, amabimus et laudabimus.”

“… we shall rest and we shall see, we shall see and we shall love, we shall love and we shall praise. Behold what will be in that end that is without end! For what is our end but to reach that kingdom which has no end.” (City of God, XXII, 30).

—St. Augustine

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… sort of … a bit “bigger” than the usual hymn sing!

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James MacMillan: Miserere
Eastman Chorale; David Chin, Conductor

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… this is not at all unusual for a musician. We frequently have overlapping work. This week, though, is a bit of a shocker for yours truly.

First of all, I’m just home from a week long vacation which included Death Valley. There is something about going out to that absolutely incredible place that does a number on my brain. (And at the moment I wish I could be right back there, aside from the fact that today it’s supposed to be around 100° at Furnace Creek!) Getting back to music is sometimes a challenge and I simply have to hunker down and face the fact that I won’t like the first sounds I produce.

Secondly, students started arriving yesterday (I did have Monday completely free which was good for my head, to be sure!), and they continue through the week. I only have seventeen, due to a few absences, but I think that’s plenty! I absolutely love teaching, but the first week after a vacation is a challenge because I have to focus so differently when I’m teaching.

Third, and this is the biggie, the two playing jobs I have are so vastly different! Opera San José, in which I play principal oboe, is doing Streetcar Named Desire. My part is full of high notes, and I’m really not a high note lover. Symphony Silicon Valley is playing the score to The Godfather (yes, with the movie) and I switch hats and play second oboe and English horn. Thursday and Friday I have opera, followed by students, and finally symphony. Talk about a crazy mix!

When I was younger I would have weeks similar to this while I was dealing with three children and their schedules, so this should seem like nothing, but I suppose my age is showing: I’m tired just thinking about it all!

Our production of Streetcar is directed by Brad Dalton and this video by Chicago Lyric Opera is, I believe, the same one we’ll be doing (although not with Fleming, of course). As you can see, the orchestra is on the stage. Hey … I want hair and makeup! 😉

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Something a bit different this evening!

Ysaye Barnwell: Tango With God, text by Thomas Merton

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F. Melius Christiansen: Wake, Awake
Luther College Nordic Choir