Okay. It’s time for a bit of a whine. Then I promise I’ll not do this again for … well … at least I won’t do it again today!

At a recent job someone in front of me was wearing a whole lot of perfume. This was something I’d not experienced in a long time: most musicians know we work in a scent-free zone. I would take a breath and inhale perfume. Ack!

At a recent job someone in front of me was checking messages on a phone during the performances. Really!? That can’t wait? I don’t get it.

At a recent job someone looked back at me when I missed an attack in a solo. That person didn’t look back at me when I nailed the attack. Just when I made that attack boo-boo. Sigh. I feel horrible already when I miss an attack. It sticks with me for days. I don’t need to feel worse ….

See, I told you I was going to whine!

But honestly, we musicians need to think about this stuff. It’s called etiquette.

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