Today I played my final concert of the Symphony Silicon Valley season. It was a non-stressful concert for me, which is rather rare and kind of fun. While an all-Tchaikovsky concert isn’t my first choice to play, our wonderful guest conductor Tatsuya Shimono did get me to hear the works in a fresh way. He is such a fine conductor, and a truly gracious person. I look forward to working with him again.

It is difficult to imagine, but I now have no performing work for months. I think this will be the longest gap I’ve ever experienced. It makes me even more grateful to have students: they keep me going when I have nothing for which I must prepare. (And of course there’s no income with them. I do need to keep some money coming in!)

I suppose, too, I’ll get a lot of walks in now, and that means more photography. (In case you aren’t aware, you can visit my photography site by going here.)

Tomorrow I will experience that odd feeling of emptiness. It has, in fact, already hit just a bit. I do look forward to free time (and the ability to send my instruments in for some major work), but it’s still so strange to not perform for so very long.

(Oops … forgot to post my Sunday Evening Music. So sorry, to the one person who looks for these!)

Runestad: I will Lift Mine Eyes
Cor Cantiamo

Antognini: O Filii Et Filiae
University of Nebraska-Lincoln University Singers; Peter A. Eklund, Conductor