Beautiful Savior, arr. F. Melius Christiansen
The Concordia Choir and Alumni Choir; René Clausen, Conductor

From the YouTube page: The Concordia Choir and Alumni Choir, René Clausen, Conductor perform Beautiful Savitor arranged by F. Melius Christiansen. This choir gathered to celebrate the announcement of Dr. Clausen’s retirement after 34 years at Concordia College in Moorhead, Mn.

James MacMillan: O Radiant Dawn
Victoria Chorale; Nelson Kwei, Artistic Director

Bradley Ellingboe: Do Not Fear
National Taiwan University Chorus; Tsung-Yu Hou, Conductor; Kai-Hsiang Huang, Piano

Oboeinsight has slowly been disappearing. Not literally, of course, but the number of posts has diminished tremendously. I keep it running only because there are a handful of people who occasionally check it out, and I know there is one person who visits on Sundays for the music. (Hi, dear sister!) I won’t be taking it down completely. Yet. But I do apologize to those of you who used to find it entertaining. I just haven’t had much I’ve wanted to write about here that I haven’t written about before!

I had thought about writing a “Yes, I can see you” post about the one orchestra member who sat, expressionless, while others applauded a conductor. Some orchestra members were moved to tears, so this one person was rather obvious. But I decided to skip it.

Oops. I guess I just wrote about that!

I thought about writing about the brass players who whisper to each other during performances when they don’t have anything to play, distracting both orchestra and audience members, but opted not to.

Oops. Too late again!

And to that one player who sings along, again during performances, well, that’s just plain tacky. And extremely distracting. And rude.

But I’ll skip all that. Who needs the negativity?

Okay … goofy rambling aside, I’d say I’d try harder to keep this up and running, but I think I’m just running out of steam. So it goes ….

My Soul’s Been Anchored
Coro da Camara Vocal Leo (Cuba); Corina Campos Morales, Conductor

D. Shawn Berry: Pie Jesu
National Taiwan Unversity Chorus; Fang-Pei Tracy Lien, Conductor; Hsin-Jung Hsieh, Piano

You can read about Philippe Tondre here.

You can here him here:

And he is one fine, fine player! Congratulations to him. (And hey, he plays a Marigaux!)

We just played for the Zoomtopia2019 conference opening. Sometimes our job is pretty fun. (I did have to wake up a lot earlier than usual, but hey, for this? Why not?!)

Dan Forrest: Entreat me not to leave you
Los Cantantes de Manila; Darwin B. Vargas, Conductor

William Byrd: Ave Verum Corpus
Central Washington University Chamber Choir; Gary Weidenaar, Director