… and perhaps goodbye blog.

I am taking my leave and seeing how it goes. It’s time to try it out. If I find I miss it too much I’ll be back.

BUT first I just have something to say to my students and anyone else who is willing to listen to me regarding music: a rest does not always mean take a breath. A rest is not always the end of a phrase. A rest can actually be part of the line.

Think about it.

And now over ‘n out.

For now, anyway.

If I really don’t return I leave you with VOCES8. Of course I leave you with VOCES8 even if I’m back later. I’m nice that way.

Session footage from VOCES8’s recording of ‘Momentary’ by Ólafur Arnalds, arranged by Geoff Lawson. The track features on Ólafur’s album release ‘re:member (choir versions)’ which can be found on all digital platforms.

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I am listening to this so I figure I’ll share it with the few who still visit this site.

Miserere by James Macmillan recorded live at Trinitatis Kirke, Copenhagen in April 2019. Ars Nova Copenhagen conducted by Paul Hillier

Well, I have to post this. Because I think Caroline Shaw is amazing. And here she is with the Calder Quartet, singing By & By and I’ll Fly Away.

Matthew Lyon Hazzard: Requiem Aeternam
Em?ls Darzins Mixed Choir; Nora V?tina, Conductor

(I still don’t know if this will be the last bit I post. We’ll see what happens next week!)

Tomas Luis de Victoria
Chant Claire Choir

Kim Andre Arnesen: Even When He Is Silent
Baylor University Men’s Choir

Ola Gjeilo: The Spheres: Kyrie
Chant Claire Choir

Amazing Grace, arr. Daniel Brinsmead
Salt Lake Vocal Artists; Dr. Brady Allred, Conductor

(Yes, I’m trying to keep the Sunday music going, but I may stop after February.)

Ola Gjeilo: Sanctus: London
Chant Claire Choir

René Clausen: Prayer
Oasis Chorale; Wendell Nisly, Conductor