Please enjoy musicians from the San Francisco Symphony performing the Adagio from Mozart’s Serenade No. 10 (Gran Partita). I certainly enjoyed it. One of my favorite works! (And special shout out to Russ DeLuna … that second oboe part is, in my little opinion, an “unappreciated killer”.

You just can’t keep a good group down. Here Cantus, both present and past members) sing “Wanting Memories” by Ysaya Maria Barnwell.

I worked with Rufus a number of years ago in a group called Midsummer Mozart. He was delightful then, and he is delightful now. Bravo, Rufus!

… but French horn. And more. Emma Gregan is a horn player in the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Original song by Foster The People… this version for 8-ish horns, 4 baby synths, 3-ish voices, and household percussion, all done by Emma Gregan.